Hello, I'm Gertjan 👋

A dad of two lovely kids and a loving husband. Friends and family are very important to me, so spending time with them is one of my favorite things to do when work is done. But of course, I also need some "Me Time" and I mostly spend that by playing basketball once a week and going to the gym at least once a week or playing some Rocket League. With the current pandemic, basketball and going to the gym is a no go but let's hope this will go away quickly.

My family

So now you know me a bit, I would like to tell you what kind of work I do right now.

I'm a full-stack developer working daily on making the SaaS product of 2Solar software better and more flexible. This means that I create new features but also maintain and enhance already build features and I do this with my colleagues. I find this an important part of the work I do, we always pair program when things are getting more complex or if somebody doesn't understand a part of the feature. I find this very helpful and saves a lot of time.

Laracon 2020

But what do I build? Well, I'm making REST API's but also normal request calls so that the web version of the product can store its data but also for the mobile app. Here are some of the features I build on my own or alongside my colleagues. custom forms, planning tools, external system connections.

2Solar software

Product Developer

2Solar software

July 2018 - Now · 3 years 4 months

My day to day work is maintaining and extending the existing features. Over the years I also rebuild some features like online forms, API's, and planning module. Next to that I made intergrations with external services of warehouse companies but also mail and SMS services.

Into The Source

Medior PHP / Laravel Developer

Into the Source

May 2015 – June 2018 · 3 years 2 months

I mainly focused on building a custom CMS for the websites and possible API connections with external systems/services. For this, I took advantage of everything Laravel offered from version 4.2 all the way to version 5.5. I also made APIs for the frontend team or between the core system and CMS of the customer. I also managed 2 other backend developers during my last year.

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